Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuesday March 2, 2010

Today has been eventful. After all the effort put in to making breastmilk I finally got enough pumped in one sitting to give Anaya a milk-only meal! This may sound simple to you but it's been a daily marathon and today felt like a gold medal win. I want to provide her with what is most nuturing and healthy for her.

That reminds me of why we moved to this area. The draw for us was to have a healthy place to raise our children. A place where the water and air are clean, where there is no rush hour traffic. A place where you can get to know everyone in the village and feel safe sending the kids outside to play. A place where life slows down enough to enjoy the simple things, where entertainment is a walk to the beach and an afternoon swim. A place to grow fruits and veggies and have a big dog. Perhaps I'm an idealist but we have these things here and they are priceless to me. I cannot imagine living anywhere else. This is our home.

Thank you to Shelann and Ally for coming over today and taking photos of Anaya and our family. You are wonderful. We are so thankful to have met you. The photoshoot was casual and Anaya didn't cry too much - but she didn't smile either. Not even when we all acted goofy. Oh well. I'm sure there's some goodies in there.

Anaya has been having a hard time keeping formula down this afternoon. I hope to re-hydrate her with her next feed. It's really difficult to get her to eat as much as she should be eating to gain weight.

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