Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday March 11, 2010

These past few days have seen some incredible good changes in Anaya. We took her to see a healer at Coyote Springs named Margaret Ann. She worked on Anaya for three hours, with her touch for health, craniosacral, reflexology and reiki. At the end of the session we had dealt with any emotional/trauma issues that might be affecting Anaya's Spirit and preventing her from being well. She was born with the cord wrapped around her neck twice and it was likely a very traumatic experience.

Margaret Ann said that she "turned on" Anaya's meridians and adjusted bones that were out of place. She said that Anaya would be breathing easier and that she believes that Anaya will heal from her condition and be right as rain one day.

We have seen immediate changes in Anaya. She is no longer holding her thumbs toward her body as often, is opening her eyes wider, is focusing her attention longer, is lifting and kicking her arms and legs. I caught her watching her hand and opening and closing her fingers. It's wonderful to see her doing these things again.

I have stopped giving Anaya formula on the advice of Margaret Ann. Voila! The mucous issue dissappered. There are some wonderful women helping to provide Anaya with fresh breast milk until my production increases. Thank you to all you lovely lactating ladies! You would not believe the incredible difference it makes in her health. She can breath SO much better and is not screaming in gaseous pain anymore. Mothers wishing to contribute please contact me at maraglow at My supply is increasing slowly. The dr. says it's stress and exhaustion related. Uh- huh. I need to start meditation or yoga or something to de-stress and re-condition my body.

Anaya's grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles have all made contributions to helping with Anaya's health. Grandma and Grandpa Cassin have made it possible for us to take Anaya to get the treatments that she needs. We are very grateful to everyone for their help. The fundraiser that the community is throwing for our family will be on March 27th at the Procter hall and there will be food and live music, dancing and dessert! It should be a large community gathering and a lot of fun for those who attend. I'm uncertain how long I can be there but I hope to be there for at least part of the evening. Anyone who wants to contribute something can call Shelann at 250-229-2341 or Tom at 250-505-0275

Tomorrow I believe I will be meeting with Anaya's nurse and the coordinator from the nursing agency. This should be interesting and I'm glad we've come this far.


  1. Hey Camara... You mention yoga, and I wasn't sure if you knew about Katya's classes in Queen's Bay. Tuesdays and Wednesdays.... Her number is 229-4979.

    She also has a fantastic DVD of her more restorative practice!

    I remember getting to hold your sweet Anaya at Hot Lunch last fall. Your family is held in my heart....

  2. This is such wonderful news!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. We are SO thrilled to get this news! Right as rain..I love that...Anaya WILL be right as rain! Wish we could be there on the 27th but we've sent a cheque in support and more will come as the weeks and months go by.

  4. What a relief to hear such positive news about Anaya! My thoughts are with you guys so much of the time. Love you and miss you lots. :-)


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