Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A post from Anaya's Dad

This whole experience so far has helped me cherish the few truly wonderful moments I get to spend with my baby Anaya each day. Since Christmas she has been playing strange with just about everyone except Camara. The mommy touch is the all omnipotent power which quells the whines, cries, whimpers and very loud protests. For short little periods I am able to catch her attention by pulling out all the stops and doing anything I can - usually making a complete fool of myself. I have no problems doing this for Anaya because to help her, love her and get a smile or laugh are the greatest reasons for my existance lately.

The rest of my time is spent putting my attention to things that need doing. I have become housekeeper, dishwasher, errand boy, grocery getter, driver, dog keeper, cook, etc. In general feeding and providing for Camara, Solara and Anaya's every physical need while trying to fit in an hour of time for me - usually at night when everone sleeps. In addition to selling water heaters on the phone at night I wake up to warm the pumped breastmilk for the baby and prepare the feeding syringes.

The switch from hypoallergenic formula to breast milk has made an incredible difference in the baby. It's hard to know which supplements and medicines and treatments are working but she definately is better now than she was before.

As soon as Anaya's nurse starts work on Wednesday and Camara and Anaya are taken care of during the day I will be ready to find a job. Up until now it has been impossible for me to work but now it's important that I get a job quickly. I'm a third year apprentice welder, Line cook, labourer that has a new interest in carpentry. Please call me if you need a dependable employee. Brent Potts 250-229-4034

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  1. hi there, i am so lifted by ur story and i would love to help your family out. i am single mom of a 7 month old daughter, i would have had 2 but my first was a still born almost 2 yrs ago. i know whats it like to lose the ones you love so if i can supply breast milf for your family i will let me know. my cell is 250-505-6985 thank you for your time and ur daughter anaya is beautiful


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