Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday March 19, 2010 3:35 am

Hello 3:35 am. How are you this morning? Seems like you and I are getting to be close friends this week. No offense intended 3:35, but why couldn't Anaya have picked 5:35 instead? This time of day it takes a crane to pry my eyelids open. Now that I'm wide awake I'll fill you in on what's been going on around here the last few sleep deprived days.

My baby girl Anaya was front page news on Wednesday. A local Nelson paper (The Express) chronicled her healing journey and the quest for breast milk and subsequent incredible response from the community. They used the wide eyed picture from tuesday's blog and the article was beautiful and well written. Thank you Express! This led to many people stopping me in town yesterday to talk about Anaya and offer their support. I love Nelson. Baby Anaya will love nelson too!

On Wednesday Anaya's nurse Veronica had an introductory shift. Veronica is a young forty something lady who is fit and healthy and has kind eyes and a genuine smile. She has her masters in Nursing and practices a type of kinetic psychology to heal people using their subconscious. She has also worked in intensive care and with babies. She seems very vibrant and helpful and I hope she wasn't too put off with Anaya screaming for mom the whole time she held her. I desperately needed a nap that day and Veronica cared for Anaya for two hours by herself while I slept. The baby cried THE WHOLE TIME. Poor Veronica. In addition we worked with Anaya together trying to help her adjust to her new caregiver. I think that it will take some time but that if we do this gradually it will build trust and repore and Anaya will be happy with other people as well.

Veronica agrees with me that right now Anaya seems pretty healthy and strong. 2 hours of screaming didn't even wear her out! Anaya used to scream for hours when we fed her baby formula, it made her digestive system very upset. Now that she's back to breast milk her digestion is flowing as it should and she is much less irritable.

Yesterday I took Anaya back to see Ming Klotz Kwan the Qigong master during Qigong class at the church. We went as a family, Brent, Anaya, Solara, Penny and I. We participated in the Qigong meditative exercises and afterward Ming treated Anaya again. She watched, wide eyed, while his hands swirled and vibrated in the air around her. He says he brings in more energy and makes the energy move through the body - unblocking areas of disease. This certainly is safe for Anaya and she seems very calm during and after the sessions. I have also booked her to see a cranial sacral therapist that uses a nerve impulse device and a TCM for Tuesday.

Today may turn into another town day as there are things that need accomplishing. Now that Anaya has gone back to sleep I think I'll turn in for another hour or two.

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