Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Completed Mission One!

(Written from Anaya's point of view.)

Today mama's mission of the morning was to change the blog around a bit to freshen it up.  She worked on her computer and my wonderful Nurse Maimo came. Maimo is in her twenties and has just recently started coming to help me.  She is genuine and sweet and I'm starting to get used to her touch.

I've been wide awake all morning.  I'm really excited because mama says me and Solara and Maimo are going to the beach today!  Maimo is making me a veggie and fruit puree to eat for lunch when we get there.  We are going to meet my friend Sunny and her mama Jessica at the beach.  Sunny is a few months younger than me.  I give her my barely used clothes when they don't fit me anymore :)  She touches my hand and pats me on the head.  I love Sunny!

After a long morning of computer work I know mama is ready to relax a bit before doing more computer work tonight.  Do you like my bikini?  It's my first bathing suit ever.  I have a wetsuit, but it doesn't count.  Sharon Jesus got me the bikini when we stayed at her house last weekend.  We had such a fun time in the Okanagan. I had a couple rough days but the good days made it worth it.

Have a great day everyone!


  1. Have fun at the beach! I bet Your friend, Sunny, is really sweet, just like you!! And tell Mama that the new look of the blog looks great. She does such a great job with everything she touches! XO

  2. love the new look!! bright and fits the topic :) great job!!!

  3. I love that you got a beautiful little girl suit Anaya and glad that you and Solara and mommy had a good time in the Okanagan. Travel is a wonderful experience even if difficult to do. You can feel the world around you and it is a big world out there little one...xo

  4. You are SO beautiful baby girl! You hair, your skin, your perfect face! I truly hope you love the warmth of the sun on your sun kissed forehead! BIG Teddy bear hugs, and eyelash kisses! <3

  5. she looks so beautiful and healthy.. i wish i pray i cry too.
    you're such a wonderful mother.


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