Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday July 28, 2010

I'm reasonably certain that as soon as I sat down to type she woke up. I can envision her laying on the pillow, mouth slowly opening and closing, blind eyes darting around the room. I'm not entirely convinced that she can't see anything. I think perhaps her ability to focus is gone, but perhaps she can see light and shadow. Maybe auras. Who knows?

Monday the 26th was Anaya's 11 month Birthday. It was also my close friend Penny's Birthday. I decided to celebrate with them by inviting some of Penny's friends over for dinner and suprising Penny. It was quite lovely. We had a turkey dinner outside on the lawn - but the cake was the real winner. Micheal at the Procter Bakery made a triple layer callebaut chocolate cake and then I iced it with callebaut dark chocolate ganache and decorated it with pink icing and edible flowers. I had fun doing that :)

Anaya has been having difficulties with her secretions the last few days and we are just trying to help her stay comfortable. She needs me now. I must go.

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