Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thursday July 8, 2010

Anaya had a fantastic day. Penny came by and took care of her so that I could clean the house up for my family visit. I got the dishes, vacuuming and laundry done! Seems like an achievement in my world. My close friend Grant is visiting from Calgary and my father and brother are going to be here as well.

Anaya had her second dip in the pond today. Shelann and her boys and Amy's kids all came over for a swim in the pond. We had a sunny, beautiful afternoon. I think perhaps Anaya is becoming used to cool water. I got it on video again. It's soo cute. She didn't need to be suctioned at all today. I'm so glad. I hate making her gag.

Anaya has been seeing chiropractor Remi Champagne and she seems to have more mobility in her neck. I pray the things we do to help her benefit her in some way. She is my little love and I would give anything to make her better, or relieve her discomfort. The chiropractic seems to help as much as seeing the healer at Coyote Springs. I continue to give her homeopathic remedies to try to increase her comfort and maintain her health.

we're not certain but we (nurse and I) think she might be having seizure episodes. Remember a week and a half ago when I thought she might be dying? That may have been a seizure.

Not such a pleasant thought on such a lovely day.

Solara is looking forward to visiting relatives in Calgary and will be gone for most of July. I hope my little girl will have amazing growth experiences, though I will miss her dreadfully.

I'm always striving to maintain Presence and I hope with all my heart that I'm doing right by my babies.

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  1. Hi lovely!

    I wanted to let you know that I am entering some of my paintings into an art show at "Art's on Center 64". The show will be for most of August. There is a piece that I painted that is dedicated to your little love Anaya. The proceeds of the painting will go to your family if it sells and if it does not, the painting will be sent to your family to either sell or keep or do whatever you wish. I love you all. Thinking of you.


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