Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday July 23, 2010

This morning is one of those blue-sky days. The kind where you wake up and look out the window and can't wait to experience the day. From my vantage point at my milk-pumping station right now I can see only one small cloud hovering over the mountain. The forecast is for SUN SUN SUN and I'm overjoyed. There are a variety of Sun loving things that need to be done today.

1)Mow lawn
2)Walk dogs to lake
3)Pull some weeds
4)Jump in pond
5)Dip baby in pond
6)Pick Raspberries
7)Water everything

List subject to baby's cooperation. Maybe I'll get some help with the mowing part :)

Joanne is coming today. Yesterday she was not here, as she doesn't work on thursdays, but we have a new girl that comes to help on thursdays. Her name is Kali. She's a Care Aide and a nursing student. She's also very meticulous and she helps me keep the house clean. She washed some windows for me yesterday and WOW! They are so clear now you can't even tell that there is glass there!

Despite being overcast and rainy yesterday I had a great day. Anaya had a bit of a gurgle most of the day but it was manageable. She was pretty content to be close by while I cleaned and refilled my herbs and spices containers in the spice rack. I played Mozart for her and she seemed to like it. Penny came over to visit and we sat and chatted and just hung out in the bond of our friendship. I like being with people where silence is acceptable. Where you don't have to speak every second. I served Penny a glass of red wine from the box my dad left here a few weeks ago and she almost gagged. I guess it's off now. Time to toss it!

Once Penny left I went to see a new friend of mine who is a pottery instructor at KSA. Her name is Lisa Martin. I took Anaya with me and we journeyed to her house for dinner and some pottery demos in the studio. Lisa showed me some tricks I did not know and I pulled my very first mug handle. Lisa looked at my first works that I had taken to her house to fire and she said something that really excited me. She said that I have a natural talent for potting and that I'm "Gifted". WOOHOO! I felt like jumping up and down and throwing my hands in the air. I'm good at something that is really fun! With everything that goes on in my life it's sure nice to feel like a have a tangible, valuable skill. I'd really like to take Lisa's pottery class in September, and if Anaya can spare me to be away one evening a week I'm going to do it! Lisa gifted me with a beautiful mug and bowl to take home and I left feeling inspired and motivated and happy.

Anaya is still sleeping in bed right now while I pump and write. Her cherubic little face is cradled peacefully against the pillow. Her chubby fingers stretched out towards where I was laying. She is so warm and snuggleable. I'm so glad to be her mother. I'm so glad that she chose to come to us. She is teaching me more about myself and about life that I ever thought was possible in such a short period of time. We are blessed to have each other.


  1. Hello Camara,

    We do not know each other, but I just want to say that I find you to be such an inspirational woman.
    Anaya is in my thoughts and I try to send healing energy whenever it crosses my mind to do so!

    Sunshine & Love,

  2. Hi Camara,

    I am glad to hear that you and Anaya have had so many inspiring days lately.

    That is wonderful that you are learning about pottery and have a natural talent at it.

    I wanted to let you know that you have a natural talent at many other things too. Connection, gardening, cooking, philosophy, writing and mothering to name a few :)



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