Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday April 23, 2010

Anaya has been doing very well this week. She actually seems to be following more with her eyes and has been moving her head from side to side. It was so cute this morning, she lay on the pillow turning to face Daddy and then Mama, reaching up with her little fists in a stretching motion. For a few moments she really seemed to make eye contact with me.

It is a busy time of year. I've been taking the baby out for more walks and spending time with her in the sun in the yard. Excuse me for not blogging as often - it's just that we've been keeping busy and enjoying the fresh air. Anaya is more calm in the warm sun. Her little cheeks have taken on a tanned glow and her hair sparkles in the sunshine. She's such a little beauty. I know I'm biased because I'm her mommy but she's the sweetest little peach I've ever seen.

I'm planning a BBQ (open invite potluck) for Sunday May 9 starting at noon at our house. More details here and I hope to see all of you there to see Anaya before we go to the hospital on May 11 for an evaluation and maybe a g tube surgery. That means putting a line in to her stomach that doesn't have to go up her nose. There is risk involved because they will have to put her to sleep to do it. We will be in Calgary for a week - Anaya and I.

Must get ready for the day now. It looks to be beautiful outside. :)

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