Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday June 24, 2010

We awoke to a clear blue sky, a beautiful sunny day. Anaya slept peacefully on the pillow beside me, smelling slightly soiled. I kissed her cheek to wake her up and stretched out her legs and back to change her diaper. As always her little mews of protest came forth. She just doesn't like the cool air on her bottom. I noticed that her breathing was nice and clear and her skin warm and rosy. Sometimes she can be quite cool to the touch. Kids with Krabbe have temperature regulation issues.

I decided quickly that this was a day to take advantage of. Anaya and I will pick up Solara early and go to the playground at Lakeside. Without a nurse today this is sure to be a challenge but I'm up for it. After that Anaya has a Chiropractic appointment with Dr. Remi.

Leaving Anaya on the bed I step to the closet and pick out a summer dress from when I was pregnant. Hey it still fits! lol. I choose a pretty little dress for Anaya with a multicolored floral pattern. It was given to us by my friend Bryna and her baby Ella. Very sweet little dress. I'm glad Anaya has an opportunity to wear it.

I throw my hair in a bun, bundle Anaya in a blanket and zip down to the village bakery for coffe and eggs. It's hard to cook for myself on nurseless days, and I like chatting with Micheal. We run into Catherine Nixon. She is happy. It's good to see happy people. She's grinning like a schoolgirl. :)

I hope the weather will hold. I hope Anaya will have a stellar day with her sister in the sun.

And we are off to town!

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