Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rainbow Spinners!

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Anaya who lived inside a yellow house on the side of a mountain in the City of Nelson BC. This little girl was very sick and the doctors said she was "palliative". She could no longer move on purpose, and could not see. Her parents, who loved her so very much, took turns taking care of her.

One day her parents saw some wind spinners outside of a store. There was a little child gazing at them in wonder and pointing up at them. Anaya's Mama decided that they would hang a wind spinner in their tree for their beautiful daughter who will never see it. The rainbow colors made the family so happy that they bought another wind spinner.

"This could become something wonderful!" Thought the little girl's Mama. "People will know this is Anaya's House and they will see the colorful wind spinners and smile and think a happy thought for Anaya. They will send out loving energy to her - and prayers. A little color never hurt! So Anaya's mama asked everyone she knew to hang a ribbon, wind sock or wind spinner from Anaya's Rainbow Tree to make it really stand out.

Lots of Mama's Facebook friends wanted to bring a spinner but they were far far away. So Mama built a webpage where friends from near and far away can buy a gift for Anaya's Garden, or something to hang in the Rainbow Tree.

A wonderful lady from our Facebook Group had a great idea to have a "Spinners" day, today June 30, where we encourage Anaya's fans to buy her and Solara and ornament to add to the garden. Our yard is quite an awareness campaign. People stop and look at it, children laugh and point, old couples hold hands while standing and gazing at Anaya's rainbow tree.

Our rainbow house is REALLY making an impact on the people of Nelson BC.

Often if someone asks where I live I say "You know the house with the rainbow spinners up on Hall Mines Rd?" and their eyes widen, they smile and exclaim "I know that house!"

Our goal to make people smile, make people happy and surround our home with positive energy and love is really working! I believe that incredible energy is helping Anaya, and raising awareness about Anaya's life and her struggle, but also about the joy to be found in life - and NOT to be forgotten!

Please consider spending between $4 - $30 today in our Rainbow Spinners Campaign by visiting and adding another rainbow to the garden :)

Thank you,
Camara (Anaya's Mama)


  1. I absolutely LOVE THIS!!!!!! <3

  2. What if we wanted to purchase one and mail it to you in Nelson? My aunt is from Kaslo, BC so Nelson was one of my summertime haunts as a kid. Next time I'm there I'm going to have to come check out the rainbows.


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