Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day!!

What a beautiful day! I have had an incredibly blessed day. It started with waking up with my two favorite little girls! I came downstairs to a perennial daylily and a home-made pin from Solara. We thought about going out to the Procter Mother's day event at the Procter Community Hall - but Anaya was having a bit of a rough time with her secretions and I thought it might be a bit stressful to be taking care of her surrounded by a hundred people.

I miss Procter. It's such a good community. It's the people I miss the most. The only time I see them now is when I'm dashing around Save-On foods or Ellisons trying to gather up groceries.

I posted a tweet about how I wished I could buy some flowers today to plant in my yard and I got showered with LOVE! Monica wrote me and brought by a gift of money from a lady who said it was for me to spend on MYSELF! (So of course I went and got flowers!) Then I was sitting out in the sun holding Anaya, with Solara sitting on the stool beside me - when a family I don't know arrived with the MOST BEAUTIFUL hanging basket of purple petunias. It's HUGE. The lovely woman introduced herself as Kara (sp?), a reader of my blog. I was blown away by her thoughtfulness and generosity.

Thank you so much!

Anaya enjoyed her time out in the sun, and now we are back inside, just to make certain that she doesn't get too much at once. I love that the sun sets so much later now, that it shines all over my yard and is encouraging the most beautiful blooming rock wall I've ever seen. I feel so happy and blessed for all of the love in my life right now. It seems like these days smiles come readily to my lips and sparkle in my heart.

I just saw a hummingbird zip past me. Apparently it is a good omen. It is said in some cultures that the hummingbird symbolizes Timeless Joy and the Nectar of Life. It is the symbol for overcoming that which seems impossible. - Quite fitting I think.

Some things seem impossible - but they are not always so, just complex. Sometimes the answer is beyond our current understanding...

My little love has grown so much. She is a little girl now. I love running my fingers through her angel silk hair....I'm going to go and hold her now. She's a bit wet in the throat and she needs me.

Happy Mothers Day to all MOMS out there! You are what makes the world go round!


  1. What a sweetie! So cute :)

  2. Reading this brought tears of joy to my eyes - I'm so happy to hear that you had such a wonderful Mother's Day! You of all my moms deserve it. My prayers are now all mostly for your sweet Anaya.. and angel hair is a very good description. She is so angelic. You are lucky to have such wonderful girls :)

  3. She's beautiful. She sure is looking more like a little girl and less like a baby!

    Belated Happy Mother's Day, Camara. You're one of the most amazing mothers in the world and I'm so happy that you got to spend it with your two wonderful daughters. <3

  4. i love that the hummingbird found you and thats the meaning of it. timeless joy and overcoming seemingly 'impossible' events. how perfect.
    wow is anaya ever looking grown in the last few pics but especially this one! she is SO beautiful. i just want to kiss her round chubby baby cheeks. my son had those when he was her age.
    was driving yesterday and saw a backyard full of windchimes/twists/kites. smiled huge cause made me think of you all.
    we send you love. ~heather


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