Sunday, May 15, 2011

Suddenly very sick

Anaya having her ECG during crazy heart racing/ seizure event

Click here to see video


  1. Little warrior!!!

  2. Camara,
    Have you heard of Q-Cell Science? Check out their site:
    Maybe you can ask your dr. about it.

  3. We're praying crazy hard! Anaya knows her Mama's with her. We love your little angel.

  4. Mama, your kisses and words of love comfort your sweet love. We're sending countless kisses and prayers for you Anaya. We love you very much!

    Darrin, Blake & Jacqueline

  5. My heart breaks for you. I read your blog everyday and can't believe how amazing you are for her. You are enjoying every second and even I can see that through your writings. She is a sweet little lady and I will continue to pray for you all. xoxo from Utah!!

  6. After posting that I watched the link, I am typing through tears. It is one thing to read it but an entirely different thing to hear you comfort and love on her. Poor baby girl, I have no words, it is so unfair. I wish something could make it better but that just isn't how things work. You continue to do your best for her and that will bring you peace in the coming days and weeks. Not a minute passes that I don't think of you all. Praying for you!


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