Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hospital Day 9 (i think)

Time moves in waves here. There are moments of absolute chaos and moments of quiet hissing stillness. Anaya almost died this week. It was intense. By some miracle she has recovered and has stabilized. I am SO glad :) I love having my little teacher around and I will take care of her as long as she wants to stay.

I'm not going to spend forever filling you in on all the bureaucratic BS that is my day to day existence here as everyone tries to figure out what to "Do" with us. But I will fill you in on the highlights. It's gonna be point form because I'm exhausted.

1. The nurses, doctors, OT's, PT's and Palliative Team from Canuck place are all women except for 2 men. That is quite the ratio on this unit! Seriously though. The room will be filled with 10 women and 1 man. Shows how far women have come in medicine.

2. Every single one of them has been kind and wonderful to work with. They all struggle with the red tape as much as anyone else does.

3. I have gotten to see lots of my old high school friends here in Vancouver as they have come to meet my beautiful baby, and reconnect and it's been lovely.

4. I've made some new friends that I find so much love and comfort in their presence. They include Lisa Fedorak, Cameron Stewart, John the Bear,Carey Stacey, Karla, Dr. Jen, Soon to be Dr. Stephanie and Melanie Skolovy-Brodi
YOU ALL ROCK MY WORLD and I am so glad to have you in it.

5. I met another "Camara" she works at Canuck place. ha!

6. You can buy roses made of feathers. Who knew right?

7. Hospitals are NOT the place for healthy 9 year olds. Solara is bound and determined to help me through this difficult time be distracting me with her dramatic antics(ARRGGGHH!!!)I'm about ready to sell tickets to her show. LOL

Well, Here's to Anaya! I'm hittin the hay with my little love cuddled close to my heart.


  1. Dear Camara, Thank you so much for sharing your story and letting us "strangers" be part of it, by praying and cheering up with you every time you share the great news! Anaya's story has strongly touched my life, in such a different way like never ever before, and I have, like many others, been constantly thinking of you all... minute in, minute out... even in my dreams you guys have been visiting lately. I believe in miracles I have lived miracles myself... and I am strongly believing that Anaya is having a miracle moment and my pray is also for her to heal completely and live her life abundantly.

    This morning, just at the sound of my daughter's calling for me to wake up, your older daughter Solara (did I get it right?) was singing a song for Anaya in my dreams... and I can't recall the whole lyrics, but the last part of it, was something like "If we all believe Anaya is coming home, why can't you?" It was such a beautiful song, I have the melody in my mind... If my brain happens to go back to that dream and can I recall the song, I will let you know! :)

    Have a great night sleep and pray for you to wake up, renewed, refreshed and stronger than ever! xoxo GOD BLESS YOU!

  2. The little warrior is strong!!!


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