Monday, May 30, 2011


Yesterday was our first day spent back in Nelson. It is lovely to be home. The pace of Nelson is like a breath of fresh air - or maybe that IS the fresh air! It was a bit overwhelming at first. The house and the yard were in need of some serious work. I swallowed my pride and put it out there and asked for help. I was fortunate that Amelia, Anna, Steve and Mike all had time on their hands and love in their hearts to lend a hand.

Now the house is clean, the yard is weedwacked and mowed and Anaya and I's bedroom has been re-organized so that it suits us perfectly.

My two close friends from Vancouver, Stuart and John, have come to visit for a while and help me with Anaya until our nursing support kicks in again. They've been an amazing help and comfort. John's been making sure I eat (entirely too much), and encouraging me to take moments for myself while he watches Anaya. I even had a bath. (This is a luxury sometimes!)

Brent is coming over to visit with Anaya for a while today, I think she will enjoy the time with him. I'm going to take Stu and Jon on a tour of our beautiful little town and show them how lovely Kootenay lake is. We walked down by the waterfront last night and I took this picture.

The Koots are home. This picture is dedicated to my friend Cameron.


  1. So glad you are home and feeling well! There truly is no place like home :) The pictures are beautiful! I'm glad your friends have come to help - you two are so worth it! I hope Anaya has a nice visit with her Daddy and enjoy your time with your friends! Much love to you all! XO

  2. Oh Anaya you are So loved and because you are So loved we are all blessed to have these moments shared with us.

  3. Wow, the Koots is beautiful! Home sweet home. We're so happy you're surrounded by wonderful friends and that you're being taken care of whilst you attend to your sweet Anaya. We know Anaya loved the time with her Daddy. May you continue to have many blessings.

    All our love, XOXO
    Darrin, Blake & Jacqueline

  4. Beautiful pic Camara, wow! Welcome home!

  5. Thank you for your blog, for your transparency, for sharing your precious, precious gift Anaya. You have all moved me! So glad to see green, and spinners:)


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