Sunday, March 6, 2011

March 6, 2011

I'm sorry that it has been so long since I last updated you on the status of little Anaya. So many things are happening for us right now. Moving is a huge thing. It takes forever to unpack and find everything. Setting up Anaya's stuff and her medical supplies was our first priority. Everything else has come after. I have a roomful of boxes and bags that haven't even been touched yet. You can't unpack books if you have no bookshelves to put them on.

We got our old house all clean for the new tennants - that took a few days too. Now Brent has started work as a Welders Helper and is gone 14 hours a day. I'm happy he has a good job, but the long days are a bit lonely without him. I don't know too many people in Nelson. Sometimes it seems like people think I must be too busy with Anaya to want a social life. Well it definately is busy with Anaya - but it would be nice to have tea with a friend too.

We got an appointment date for Anaya to see Dr. Escolar in North Carolina. We would have to be there from March 17th to the 25th. The thing that is in our way now is that Anaya's nursing agency has just informed me that they cannot send a nurse with us. I was counting on having a nurse to help, so now I'm stuck. I've asked my close family members and friends if any of them would come with me and Anaya to North Carolina for 10 days. As of yet no one has said yes. But I do have a couple of "maybes" and "it depends". Please pray that we find a helper to join us on our trip - or I'll have to re-book it for next month.

Anaya's health has been great the past week. We've been continuing to introduce blended foods and are having great success with it. Her secretions have been manageable, she's been sleeping alright at night, and she hasn't become constipated. I think shes growing faster and she's getting 4 teeth at once which must be painful. I rub her gums and give her pain medicine to help her.

We are going to listen to the live music at the Kootenay Christian Fellowship this morning. I've never really been one for Church- but I like this one so far. The people are kind and lively. They make it awesome.

I'm going to give Anaya a bath now and get her ready to go. Have a great Sunday :)


  1. Wow, you've got a lot going on. Even though I don't know you (although I have donated milk from afar) if I lived closer I would love to have tea with you - we could talk about anything and everything. I hope someone is able to go with you to help with Anaya to see the specialist in the States. Thinking about you and your family. xo

  2. Hi Camara, I have also donated milk from afar as the prior comment. I wish I could do more. Please do whatever you have to to get Anaya to North Carolina as soon as possible. I pray for her every night

  3. Awesome news!!! Moving always sucks, boxes, bags, stuff everywhere. I will dare to say this, I am just nobody, only an Anaya's follower, but do not lose that appointment even if you have to go without the nurse. I hope one of your friends or relatives will go, but if not, It will be difficult, but there's some things are worth fighting for.

    This fight is against the clock and you must go. That appointment does not depend of the nurse. Go my friend, you can handle it all by yourself, it's far, unknown place, alone there...but only 10 days and the princess really needs it.

    I know how difficult it could be, I have been and helped many patients in my life, but you can do it. And you are not alone, all these followers are with you all, in the distance, but we are. This is your playoff!!!

    Go Anaya Go!!! Go Camara Go!!!


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