Thursday, March 31, 2011

March 31, 2011

I'm sorry that it has been a few days since I've written. It's been quite a week. Anaya was very sick and was hospitalized, and then released. She's on antibiotics and is now much better. On monday we went to a "seating clinic" which is where Anaya is fitted for her special seat, bed and stander. I took some of the recent cute pics of her at that clinic. I got a new software program that lets me edit pics. Changing the color, adding a border, altering the lighting slightly. I'm having lots of fun taking cute pics of Anaya and making them even more BEAUTIFUL! I also took some of Solara and we are playing with those too!

I'll post a pic of Solara as well, when I finish this post.

Our new Anaya Initiative Page on Facebook is really helping to get out the word about breastmilk donations. Now that Purolator is on board we are able to get milk from all over Canada :) Anyone wishing to contact me about donating breastmilk can do so at CBC was just here interviewing me about milk donations. I hope it has some impact. There should be something on CBC Vancouver news tonight.

We had a deepfreeze donated! Brent cleaned it out and plugged it in...we are waiting to see if it will freeze some ice cubes. I'm hesitant to put milk in there until we know for sure it will work. It's really old. I suppose if it doesn't work we will use some of Anaya's funds to buy a new one.

Brent and I are going to see a counselor that specializes in child development regarding Solara in half an hour. We are hoping she can give us some guidance on how to help her through her grieving process, how we can best support her and help her grow and be happy :)

I want all of our readers to know that PUROLATOR ROCKS and that FED EX never even responded to my emails. Think about that the next time you need a courier!

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  1. Awesome beautiful she looks... and of course we will have the courier on mind... PUROLATOR!!!. How beautiful she is... the beauty of an angel can be described using earth words...

    Big hug for her..!!!


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