Thursday, March 24, 2011

March 24 - KL Hospital

We took Anaya into emergency this morning because she's had a fever for two days that does not go away with fever reducing meds like Tylenol. They got her in right away and we got quick access to suction and Oxygen. After a chest x-ray and a lot of needles we found out that Anaya has a bacterial infection of some kind. She is also dehydrated from sweating so much. Our Dr. suggested we bring Anaya home, give her antibiotics and do our best to keep her comfortable.

We are back to a Breastmilk only diet while she's sick because she doesn't seem to be digesting food well. I have several offers of breastmilk that I'm trying to coordinate shipping for but I'm so swamped with a sick baby, and exhaustion. I could really use some help on this one. Anyone want to take over the milk coordination? I could forward you all the e-mails and the spreadsheet I put together.

I've been really emotional the past few days. Today I don't have the words to express my sense of despair and grief. I just want to help my baby. I wish I could do something to save my baby. I had a dream last night that a Dr. told me not to give up on her. He told me that some cases just don't fit statistics and that I should not believe that Anaya will die soon - but instead allow the possibility that she might live on for an unknowable amount of time.

If only this dream were a message from a higher power (God if you like). If only it were true. Please let it be true. I just want my little love to stay in our lives, and not suffer. She's our earth-bound angel. Her beauty melts the heart of everyone who meets her. How could a little girl, so soft and vibrant, shining with the light of her soul - ever become cold and still?

We are building a Facebook page especially for Anaya. It is called "The Anaya Initiative" and it is to build awareness, help find milk and fundraise for Anaya. There are also "Care drives" on the site - where fans can send a post-card to Anaya's Super Sister Solara, or donate a children's book to Anaya's Library of Hope. Please share our page and help us shower love on our little angel.


  1. Passionate you are, dont fall dear friend... we are all with you. I dont know how to send the milk if you need it... go to purolator and ask...

    so soft, so vibrant, shining with the light of her beautiful you write... That's all in THE NAME OF LOVE !!!!

    let me know how can I help this time...

  2. our love and support camara. i'm so sorry she is sick. nice to are close to hospital. be well anaya. xo

  3. Just found you! I wish I could send my milk but I am in the USA. I will be praying for your family. If there is anything I can do to help from the US let me know!
    Newest Anaya fan!
    ramblesahm at yahoo dot com

  4. Camara, please let me know what I could do to help out with the milk coordnation. I am happy to help. Love Sarah, Richard and Nathaniel xxx love you all. You are amazing Camara. I am sending you lots of love and strength. Love to Anaya xxx

  5. THinking about you all. Such a beautiful post Camara. I wish there was something you could do to save her also.

  6. Oh you dear sweet mama. My heart breaks in pieces for you. I wish I could heal your baby and take away all the despair and grief. I don't know you, but I think you are amazing, and your baby is soooo lucky to have you as a mom.

    I have milk to donate to you, Im in ONT.

    Stay strong mama, your angel's light is bright and it will guide you

  7. I sent Anaya a copy of Goodnight Moon :) I hope she doesn't already have that one. My Mom says it was my favourite when I was a baby.
    Love and Prayers,


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