Wednesday, November 24, 2010

November 24, 2010

These past few days we have pretty much been bunkered down inside as it is so cold out. Anaya doesn't do well with cold. Her little body gets chilly and it takes a long time to warm her up again. Before we left Nelson we got her the warmest snowsuit we could find. It's down and we got it at Mountain Baby in Nelson. (They have great stuff). But even in her down suit she still gets cold when we go outside in this -20 celcius weather.

On Saturday we had two lovely ladies come to visit us to give us the gift of their profession. Dana Pugh, from Short and Sweet photography in Calgary and Heather Glenn, who takes baby hand/ foot/ finger imprints to make "Silver Soul" baby jewellery. Dana spent more than an hour with Anaya and I taking pictures. I took Anaya's feeding tube out to show her perfect little nose a bit better. I've only seen a couple of the resulting shots but the one above is so beautiful. I can't get over how lovely it is. You can see more of them on Dana's blog by clicking A good photographer is a true artist. To focus in on an emotion and show it through the lens of the camera takes skill, and training. I can see the love between Anaya and I in the picture above and I will be forever grateful to have it to look at.

While Dana was taking pictures, Heather was trying to get Anaya to press her hand and foot flat onto a piece of special paper that takes an imprint. It was a challenge but eventually we got a passable handprint and fingerprint. I'm excited to see what comes of it.

On Sunday evening Joanne and I moved into a hotel. Initially we were both staying with family on opposite ends of town. It ended up being a real challenge to get together because the roads were so bad and crowded. Traffic..Ugh. So we made the move to be closer to each other and take better care of the baby. It's kinda nice to have my own space to be in. I feel a lot of anxiety and stress leading up to the surgery and it's nice to have a place where I can be alone and lose myself in working on my business plan.

Monday night we were invited over to a milky mom and dad's place for dinner. It was lovely, warm and inviting. Thank you Sarah, Richard and Nathaniel.

A couple times we have ventured out to walk in the plus 15 system (as our hotel is downtown). Both times I ended up having anxiety. There are soooo many people walking through there. It just kinda gets to me. I like my small mountain town of Nelson. I love our even smaller village of Procter/Harrop.

Tomorrow Anaya is admitted to Hospital and Brent is flying in to be here for the surgery. Please pray with us that all will go well and that this is the right thing to do.


  1. the photos are gorgeous! i love the one you posted, and also the one of you kissing Anaya's hand. BEAUTIFUL!

    some people really enjoy living in SIL & husband live there and they like it. plan on buying a house there etc. i'm like you...a weekend there and i'm ready for home. too many people!

    i am praying that Anaya's surgery goes well!!! praying for you & Brent as well.

  2. This is the absolutely right thing to do Camara, as I've already told you. It will give you a chance to spend more time with Anaya. I am thinking of Anaya.

  3. If you feel in your heart it is right, then it is. You are Anaya's voice and guardian. You know her needs and what will improve her quality of life.
    She is so lucky to have you, as you are to have her.

    Love you girls.

  4. Thinking of you and Anaya. Praying that everything goes well. xo

  5. Sending positive thoughts & prayers your way! You and your precious little girl have been on my mind since I came across your blog a few weeks ago and I just want to thank you for sharing your story, as hard as it may be sometimes. It has made me stop and enjoy some extra moments with my babies that I normally would be rushing through:) The pictures are beautiful!

  6. What a gorgeous photo and a beautiful girl. Sending you strength, positive energy and warm thoughts.

  7. Good Luck Anaya! Many people are sending you love and positive thoughts :) I hope all goes well for her an Camara, you absolutely have and will made all of the best decisions for her. She is so lucky to have you and you are so lucky to be blessed by her. I to want to thank you for sharing and inspiring me. I was donating milk when I nursed my daughter and have been following your blog ever since. Thank you so much for making me enjoy the tiny moments with my little ones and not take anything for granted. You inspire me to be a better Mom and I'm sure there are many others out there who feel the same way.
    The photos are beautiful. It is amazing how talent and a camera can catch such wonderful emotion.

  8. Camara, Those are some of the most beautiful photos I have ever seen. How special and what a wonderful gift... The jewelry sounds lovely too.

    Just to say we are truly thinking of you and carrying you in our hearts today and tomorrow. We hope Brent's journey to Calgary is uneventful. Thankfully the weather is cooperating. Please give Anaya a kiss from us.

    With much love,
    Sarah, Richard and Nathaniel xxx

  9. what a gorgeous picture. such beautiful girls.
    I am praying to the Gods above for Anaya, and for her family too, that everything goes well.
    Much love and light.


  10. Beautiful photos!! Your love for each other radiates. I'll be thinking of you and Anaya and sending all of my prayers and positive thoughts your way tomorrow.

  11. I lived in Calgary for awhile, but yearned for and missed my tiny Northwestern BC town too much and moved back.
    Calgary winters can be brutal cold. I'm glad it is only -20 for you at the moment.
    The +15, while neat, is easy to get turned around and lost in, and does cause anxiety attacks from all the people. At least, it was for me.
    Thinking of you and sending you positive energy, hope all went smoothly.
    P.S. You and another friend have inspired me to finally start my own blog...let me know if you would like the link to check it out once I get it a little more "underway". I know you have little to no time but I would love to be blog buddies =))

  12. We are thinking about you and praying that Anaya's surgery goes smoothly. Sending our good thoughts to you. xo

  13. anaya my prayers are with you this morning wee one! be brave!
    camara you are a WONDERFUL mother. you truly are.
    because i have been pumping milk my supply has increased...last night at my cardio kickboxing class anaya crossed my mind and suddenly my milk let down and my right boob started squirting right out the front of my shirt. had everyone laughing.

    beautiful picture- could her little face be any cuter? seriously? her little ribbon lip and soft round little nose. awwwwww.

    all the best you guys

  14. I love that your milk let down when thinking of Anaya. Makes me smile and laugh to myself sitting here in this lonely ICU room.

  15. camara,

    after we stopped in to say hello at the ICU....i had a mix of emotions. i felt like the space was so sacred and my son was so loud. i didnt know what to say to make the pain in your guys hearts go almost felt rude to cry even though i wanted too. i felt if i cried what place would i have, it wasnt my pain. your baby right peacefull sleeping i just wanted to crawl in beside her. i felt thankful for my own children and fortunate. i felt guilty for feeling that. you and brent and anaya felt like warmth in a cold room. you were both so centered and kind.
    when i got home i was angry. why did that happen to her? what kind of fairness is that? i felt angry for you....and grateful to anaya for her lesson to me. she showed me that when i am in a rush i cant forget that people are the most important things. my kids. since just knowing you through this blog camara and only meeting you briefly...i am living differently. i am noticing the little things and taking time for my kids. i want to tahnk you for that.
    there is a feeling around your daughter that is strong. she's a strong little girl. i wish i was more like her.

    also this week for my kickboxing class i am wearing breastpads! as funny as that was....xox


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