Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tuesday September 7, 2010

The cool air of the morning caressed our faces, the scent of lingering woodsmoke alighted gently on the tip of my nose. Anaya and I snuggled deeper into the blankets - surrounded by warmth. Knowing that tuesday mornings is Bryna Martin's morning at the Procter Bakery I felt inspired to get up and take Anaya for a cup of coffee in the warmth of the oven-heated bakery. Joanne is taking today off in lieu of thursday and so it is a nurseless day. Nurseless days are generally quiet days for me. I spend time with Anaya and reflect on life.

After dressing us both up nice and toasty- we zipped down to the bakery. Bryna is so on top of her baking days. At 8 am there were already cinnamon buns, muffins, scones and she was working on apple tarts. It has taken me a while to get to know Bryna, we were pregnant at the same time and her daughter Ella is only a few months older than Anaya. Bryna is a sweet and kind woman with a good sense of humour. We spoke of children, we spoke of times before children and how life changes after you welcome a child into it.

I held Anaya in my lap and sipped my coffee, turning the feeding pump on and listening to the little sounds it makes as it gently pushes the warmed mama-milk into her tummy. She makes contented little sounds - although she was a bit wet in the throat this morning. I took in the sweetness of her face, her blond hair has gotten longer - creating a golden halo. I had clipped a small white flower clip into her hair on my way out the door and it looks so cute there.

Returning home to the breast pump I sit here now and write. The day feels like one of creation and kitchen warmth. Perhaps some baking could be done if Anaya will cooperate. I plan on doing some of her favorite things with her today. Singing to her, walking with her, bathing her. Onward with love we go!

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