Friday, February 19, 2010

The Naturalpath

Yesterday I took Anaya to see Naturalpathic Doctor Brenda Gill in Nelson BC. After hearing our case history Dr. Gill told me

"We are fortunate here - the nervous system is one of the most responsive systems in the body for natural such as homeopathy. The nervous system does have the ability to regenerate and remyelinate itself. What we are going to do is band-aid her nuerons with DHA oil, feed her brain with Iso-Phos, antioxidize with Vitamin C and Coenzyme Q10, and stimulate balance of the brain and adrenal systems with homeopathic drops. Her adrenal system is likely in overdrive from the anxiety she is experiencing with her breathing difficulties. I think that she would benefit from supplemental oxygen to help her overcome her apnic spells and increase circulation. We are going to mix her (natural) medicine in with the breast-milk/formula combo you are already feeding her. Try throwing it all in the blender with some cilantro greens, sunflower seeds, and kale then strain it out and bottle feed it to her."

I suggested perhaps a heavy metals and parasite cleanse would be in order - according to the research of Dr. Hulda Clark PhD, ND. I showed her the book "A Cure for All Diseases" by Dr. Hulda Clark. Dr. Gill nodded that she had read it and would agree that heavy metals and parasite cleanses would be beneficial.

Dr. Gill has suggested IV Chelation and vitamin therapy. I am conducting more research on Chelation in Children. We started Anaya on some vitamins and homeopathic drops. After leaving Dr. Gill's office I went to Dr. Kalias office to enquire about oxygen at home. He has called in a request for oxygen support.

The visit cost breakdown is as follows:

Initial consult and vitamin testing: $131.25
Adrenal Homeopathic drops $ 20.00
IsoPhos brain food: $50.95
Brain and nerve Homeopathic drops: $12.00
Quality controlled Vitamin C powder (non acid): $35.95
Childrens DHA Oil $15.50
Coenyme Q10 $17.85
Tax: $5.65
Gas for trip (approx) $10
Time involved for trip: 6 hours.

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  1. Have you heard of Lorenzo's Oil? Not sure if that would be of any use, but I think it was invented by a family with a similar problem.


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