Friday, April 13, 2012

The long light of spring

The light that sparkles over the lake from the brightly setting spring sun filters its soft fingers through the trees.  The ground already dims, leaving the grass a darker green.  Floating lazily on the wind fluffy tufts of white pass like snowflakes falling sideways in a warm cloudless sky.

The flying ones, I know not which, spiral dizzily around each other.  Exoskeletons and wings dancing to music unheard by human ears.  At times it seems to speed and slow – bodies coming close together and twisting away.  The long light of the impending sunset sets their spirits ablaze with a fury of life and they fairly glow golden.  I long to know the movements of the dance, and the knowledge behind it.  I see the beauty so clearly – the purpose, the life.

Looking beyond the swarm across the lawn I can see the glinting crystalline peaks of the small waves on the lake – sunlight scattered on its surface like a million faceted diamonds  of priceless value.  To the right a tree begins to bud out its leaves and the yellow light of sunset sets them a brilliant hue of fluorescent green.  I hear a child laugh.  It echoes through the moment and reverberates in my head.

A child playing at the park.  

I close my eyes and open them again, wishing I could reach out and wrap my arms around Anaya.  Alas, she is too massive for me to enfold with my body.  But not with my spirit or my mind.  I stretch all of my senses out.  My eyes caress the beauty, my ears carefully open to the laughter,  birds, the wind, the tinkling sound of water dripping.  Even the whir of the dancing bugs.  The fading sunlight I can feel on my skin and as I breathe in the clean air and taste my own health.  

She is here.

My heart warms with her presence as the realization flows into me.  She’s definitely here.  A love I’ve only known to be hers bursts forth wihin my heart and I allow myself to lose myself in it – gently gazing through the yard and beyond – to the trees, the lake and the setting sun.

Oh Anaya.  My little love.  How you’ve grown.