Saturday, October 1, 2011

Saturday of Love

This was our walk this morning.  Anaya was wide awake and she really enjoyed it.  She had another rough night, but after getting her meds and some chest physio she was feeling much better!

After that I took a little clip of Anguard to show you :)  It's like a small apartment on wheels.  I have it decorated colorful and child-like for Anaya.

I didn't have everything all tidy like I had hoped before I showed you all...but it's close and I know you are curious. We have everything we need in our cozy little home.

The potluck tonight was awesome. Anaya had a wonderful day. She was able to sit up in her chair for all of dinner and was awake and alert to meet everyone. We had an amazing spread of food. MMM...we all ate heartily and then I showed the group Anguard. Everyone had nice things to say. The positive energy of the people who attended the potluck was lovely to be around.

You know how sometimes being around a group of people can be draining? It didn't feel that way to me. It felt like a group of old friends. I have some thank You's..

Thank you Carey for bringing "The Salad" - It's sooo good.
Thank you Natalie and Geoff for coming early and helping to set up and clean are a bird of my feather Natty...
Thank you Viviane Bomfin, family and friends, for the gift and the amazing cream puffs. I'll never look at another cream puff without thinking of those ones in particular!
Thank you Sheila and Damiane for bringing the greek and eastern influence, as well as a creamy potato salad.
Thank you John and Tony for being the pot of gold at the end of all rainbows.
Thank you to the children that attended.  They were all between the ages of 1 and 3.  Seeing you stirred the warmth of my heart.  The sadness mixes with the joy and creates rainbows of emotion.  Seeing Anaya interact with you and listen to your voices made my day.  One day she will run ahead as well...

Most of all I'd like to thank my friend Nicole.  She brought me my favorite flowers...sunflowers.  Being near her tonight was like going home to my childhood.  She reminded me of a time when I was safe and taken care of.  Now I provide the safety and do the taking care of... part of me wanted to crawl into her lap and cry.  She is so strong and beautiful.  Thank you Nix, for the flowers and for the Orca talisman.  I will keep it near me to remind me that my heart will guide me safely through...


  1. Kai just watched the videos with me and he said he really wished he came yesterday! Kate and I really enjoyed our visit. I could envision Anaya running with all the kids yesterday. I think she enjoyed hearing them all. Thank you for hosting and for sharing your great food and friends. The Anguard is awesome! You guys did an amazing job customizing it.
    Hope to see you again while you are here. Carey xoxo

  2. you guys did an amazing job with Anguard, such good use of a small space :)

    glad to see you're all in good spirits <3


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