Saturday, October 22, 2011


It feels like it's been a while since I've written.  So much has happened.  Where should I begin?
The idea of trying to fit it all into a post seems rather daunting at the moment.  I'm exhausted.
I'll try to sum it up.

We were in the Statesman Journal newspaper yesterday.  It was a nice article.  It has since inspired a few people to stop by the RV sales lot where we are staying and offer their help.

A kind elderly man named Floyd asked us to come speak in his chapel on Sunday...tomorrow, Pam came and stroked Anaya's head, the Davidson family brought us some lovely vegetables, people have been calling and e-mailing with their prayers and good thoughts, and Phil and George invited us to perhaps have the old RV towed to their acreage, as a place to stay while we are fundraising...instead of living in the RV parking lot here at Northwest RV.  We love the people here at Northwest RV.  They've been helpful, sincere, kind and trusting.  Being welcome to stay here has been such a blessing.

All of these people have hearts of Gold.  We have met simply amazing people since we arrived in Salem. I'm so thankful that we broke down where we did.  We are safe and we have found friends and community.

Tonight we went to a book signing at the H.O.M.E. center.  We had a prayer circle with a healing intention for Anaya.  We imagined her whole and well, as perfect as she was when she was born.  Afterwards she was wide awake and moving her mouth as though she was trying to form words.  She was moving her lips and her tongue in a way that is unusual for her - and very exciting for me to see!! It was like she had a taste in her mouth that she was trying to figure out.

She had a bit of a rough day.  Angel snuggled with her as she slept most of the day - it might have been because she was up most of the day yesterday.  Last night she slept through the night and I thought it was amazing. But then today she slept so heavily that she wasn't coughing up her secretions.  I began to worry about that.  It began to build up in her lungs and I could hear it rattling around in her chest.  I gave her chest physio, but still she slept.  Finally she awoke, gave a huge heave and cleared her lungs.  Thank God.  Pneumonia is always a worry when she gets like that.

Yesterday was amazing.  Anaya was awake and aware and so precious all day.  She did art and listened to music. :)

Quick update : Through Fundrazr we have raised $970 so far. See below.


You can click the button to watch Anaya's video about the mobile care unit.
Through the Healing Anaya site we have raised $5100.  So that's a good start to our campaign.  We are open to whatever is meant to be.  The path will show itself.  In the meantime we will continue putting our best foot forward- love and care for Anaya - and share her story with whoever will listen.

If anyone would like to reach us feel free to email info @

If you'd like to help out please click the Donate Button or just stop by for a chat and a hug.

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  1. Your optimism & faith is so inspiring
    I know God will bless you for staying strong and doing all you can for Anaya
    (((Hugs))♥ Praying for your family


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