Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Red Maple

This morning I found myself walking in a fall wonderland of mist, dew, falling leaves and quiet.  The stillness occasionally broke.  A dewdrop fell, a bird sang.  Buddha, Angel and I tread lightly down the sidewalk, taking in the neighborhood of Home Way, McMinnville, Oregon.  Each house sat on nicely on a good size lot.  It looks like the people of this area like to keep their yards tidy.  Gardens of roses, dahlias, lambs ear, rhododendrons, grasses, sunflowers.  There was a little bit of everything.  The lawns are lush and green.  The apple trees are so moist that they are growing moss.  I wonder if the apples like being so wet.

We turned the corner and saw it.  It stood out like a flag on a windy day.  A giant maple tree, leaves all turned red, stood gloriously apart.  The wet, dew covered, leaves, shone scarlet in the rising sunlight.  I could not move, so entranced was I by the  majesty of it.  There by the grace of God go I.  I thought and began moving towards the maple.  Buddha sat beneath it already, waiting for me.  Angel walked by my side and we both turned towards an unusual sound.  To the right, across the street there were some tall spruce trees.  At the top of one sat an eagle.  He was serene and unmoving.  Peacefull.  The noise was coming from a crow that was harrasing the eagle.  Caw! Caw! The crow sqwaked at the larger bird.  I watched as the crow flew up to the eagle and tried to bait him out of the tree.  He batted him with his wings and flew around him incessantly cawing.  He dove and pecked and sqwaked.  Angel sat down on my foot and watched with me. 

The eagle seemed to be ignoring the crow.  He wasn't even giving him the time of day.  All of the harrasment almost went unnoticed.  The eagle turned his head and looked towards me.  For a moment I could see through the eagle's eyes..  I saw a human and a dog watching me watching them.  I saw the incredible view of the red maple tree from above and I saw the peace within the woman.  The mirror of life. I thought.  The moment ended and I snapped back into my body.  Standing beneath the red maple I gained strength and knowledge from the peace of the natural world.

We turned and walked back down the street toward Anguard, parked at Kimi and Chad Clark's house.  Walking with cheerful peace my eyes took in each flower and dew drop.  I saw a beautiful rock garden, full of hens and chicks and creeping Jenny.  I saw an immense stand of grass.  The feathered tops stood at least 10 feet up in the air.  I took in the bumper stickers on the cars parked under car-ports.  Co-exist said one.  I couldn't agree more.  I smiled. We rounded the corner and on the corner lot was a beautiful small grey house.  The garden was beautiful.  It was private and hedged.  There were a plethora of different plants and medicinal herbs growing around a small pond with a fountain.  A bird feeder stood near the "seating" area of the garden where there were three chairs and a table.  Baskets hung from the house, and plants thrived everywhere in the lush yard.  There was not a single blade of mowable lawn anywhere.  It was all rocks and perennials, trees and shrubs.  It was gorgeous and reminded me of the homes in Nelson.  We passed the driveway.  In it stood a Prius that had a bumper sticker that said "Buy Local".  I could tell that the people who lived here were people who shared some of the same values as I have.  The thought crossed my mind What would happen if I knocked on the door and said "Hi!  I'm Camara.  I love your garden.  It's wonderful.  You're design is lovely.  I just wanted to let you know how beautiful your place is.  It exudes a love of life.  Have a great day".

I smiled and kept walking.  The tail lights shone red on the back of Anguard.  What the?  I thought.  Why are the lights on?  I opened the door.  "Brent, did you turn the lights on?" I asked.
   "No" He said.  I went up to the front and pushed the light knob back in.  There were puppy teeth marks on it.  It looked like Angel had decided to pull the knob out.  I hoped that it hadn't been on too long and drained the battery.  It would start anyways.  There's a button that you can push to use the other 3 coach batteries to start the engine when the engine battery is low.

I tip toed down the hall into the bedroom.  Brent lay, facedown in the pillow, hand holding Anaya's.  They both slept.  Anaya made small noises in her sleep.  She was congested and trying to clear her throat. It had been a rough night.  It was Brent's turn to be on "Anaya Duty" last night.  That means that he's the one who slept next to her and manged her suctioning, positioning etc.  We alternate nights.  That way each of us gets more sleep every other night.  Of course if it's really bad then we are both awake, helping Anaya.

The new medicine has been a mixed blessing.  It's called Robinol.  At first it thickened her secretions and she had a really hard time.  Then she was nice and dry and easy-breathing for the whole day yesterday.  Then last night it was back to thick mucous and congestion.  I pray that it will even out for her.  My heart aches to see her struggle.  I know that thick mucous can lead to pneumonia.  This morning I have a phone call with the doctor to discuss how the last few days have been on the new medicine.  Perhaps the dosage needs to be changed...or perhaps she just needs more time on the meds to balance out.

She lets out a sigh and her eyes flutter.  My beautiful little angel.  My little Love.  I kiss her forehead lightly and back out of the room.

Brent and Anaya remain sleeping.  I'm inside the house now, writing and planning our day.  Kimi says that their town has a lovely Saturday market.  We are going to go and check it out.  I may print off some information about newborn screening and take some bumper stickers to sell.  It would have been lovely if we could stay longer and speak in the local school.  However, we have an appointment in Grant's Pass monday morning, to have a part put in.  The manufacturer, Super Steer, is donating the part - which is super awesome! It's about 2.5 hours away from here.  The owners of the company are very kind.  I look forward to meeting them.  There is a chance that I might be able to go with Barbara to a womens dessert tonight...I was told that there is a person there who has very strong healing prayer abilities.  It would be nice to have them pray for Anaya.

After Grant's Pass we will head throught the redwood forest and into Northern California.  I'm beginning to search out places that would like to hear our story.  People that would like to meet our little Love.  Our little Anaya.  It's still amazing to me how people just open when they come in contact with her innocent presence.  Their hearts swell and they feel suddenly as though the world is not as bad as they thought it was.  Somehow Anaya renews their faith in life, and in miracles.

Anaya stands out.  Her presence is as glorious and beautiful as The Red Maple and as calm and serene as the Eagle.  She is love manifest.

 There by the Grace of God we go!


  1. :) Thank you for putting a smile on my face!! What gorgeous words.. God bless!!! xoxoxo

  2. that was beautiful Camara- I could SEE what you described, and it sounds like heaven. Hug your girl for me, and you and Brent stay strong and enjoy this trip - it sounds like a really peaceful, amazing thing despite a few obstacles. Nothing worth having was ever easy =)

  3. You are a beautiful soul. I love everything that you stand for my lovely Camara. xo

  4. Sounds like it's a wonderful play that you had visited. Yes, she is a miracle and you are the luckiest mommy to have such a sweet and adorable angel to hold every day. xoxo


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