Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mama's Call to ACTION!

This is a MAMA's Call to all other MAMA's! Take action!

(I have written to Ellen about our situation.  We need all of the help we can get.  Ellen often helps people.  We are asking her to help us.  

Please help us get in touch with Ellen by clicking the link, filling out the form and saying you want Ellen to help Baby Anaya.  You can even use my letter, or parts of it.  Here's what I wrote.)

"We are out to change the world - but we broke down!

Our daughter, Anaya, is two years old and has infantile Krabbe Leukodystrophy - a terminal brain disease that is usually fatal by the age of 13months. Over the past two years of taking care of our baby girl we have learned to look on the bright side. Today we are all alive! Today she is still breathing! Today we will give our baby girl the best day possible! We stopped grieving and started living.

We decided that we would take Anaya on a speaking tour and head south. (She doesn't do well in the cold winter). We stop in hospitals, medical schools, children's schools and churches and speak about Krabbe Leukodystrophy, taking care of a severely disabled child, being accepting of kids with disabilities, and our Faith that we all have a purpose to fufill. We also advocate for newborn screening. Anaya could have been treated if she was tested at birth.

Unfortunately our motorhome broke down in Salem Oregon. Our motorhome is our Mobile Care Unit for Anaya. We can't go on without it. The wonderful people of Salem Oregon have taken us in and run a story on us in the paper. We have been speaking in their community and sharing our story and educating people. A local dealership offered us a Handicapped Equipped motorhome for half price. We have raised $12000 but we still need $45000.

Please Ellen, help us change the lives of thousands of people. Take us on your show - or even just send some help our way!

With hope,
Camara Cassin 

Now if everyone would please write to ELLEN and tell them that you know I applied and that you want to see Baby Anaya on the show and WHY!

Click here: 

SHARE! The Anaya Initiative

Do you want to help financial instead of writing to Ellen?  Click the Give Button.



  1. I just wrote a letter to Ellen. I hope she can do something to help you spread the word and get your mobile care unit.

  2. I sent a message to Dr. Kevin Leman, who is an author and family Psychologist, and whose son is head writer for The Ellen Degeneres Show.

  3. Rest in peace beautiful Anaya, your mother is doing amazing things to help people in honour of you.

  4. Rest in peace beautiful Anaya, your mother is doing amazing things to help people in honour of you.


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