Tuesday, October 18, 2011

By the Grace of God

Anaya sleeps next to me on the couch while I write.  Her silky blond hair fans out across the pillow.  Each breath she takes causes the soft pink blanket to rise and fall gently.  My sweet baby girl is doing well.  Her lungs are clear.  Earlier this morning she was making her little noises for me, with her eyes all wide.  She thanked me for clearing out the morning mucous.  She's been really sleepy since we started the new medicine.  The doctors say that it takes a little while for the body to become accustomed to it and then she will be more awake again.  I think that the sleep is probably good for her.

Sometimes in her dreams she moves her hands and feet, makes noises, and occasionally makes a nursing motion with her lips - like she used to when she was still breastfeeding.  It makes my heart swell with love and I remember what it was like to hold her close.  Having her looking up at me while nursing.  Her beautiful baby soul connecting with mine through her bright hazel eyes.  Since she went blind we connect in a different way.  Being with her all the time I am able to intuit what she needs.  I feel her.  It's a form of communication utilizing body language signals, compassion and empathy.

Right now I know she feels sleepy :) I'm working on finding some help using my computer.

Anguard (Our motorhome - Anaya's mobile care unit) has gotten us as far as Salem Oregon.  Then her engine siezed up and died.  We were fortunate to be on a beautiful back road and not on the interstate.  The state troopers helped us get in touch with a good towing company, and our AAA coverage had us towed to AJ's Automotive in Salem.

We are keeping a bright and positive attitude about the situation.  Obviously God and the universe has a reason for us to be broken down in Salem Oregon!  So I paid attention to the little signs that were being shown along our "path".  I dreampt we went to church. So on Sunday we decided to seek out a church and see if they would let Anaya and I speak.  I chose the "New Thought" church as they sounded small and open-minded.  The service was on following the path of your purpose!  What a perfect, synchronistic message.  I raised my hand and asked if I could address the congregation.  Anaya and I moved to the front of the room.

"Hi, my name is Camara.  Over there is my partner, Brent.  This here is our Baby Anaya.  Anaya is a living miracle.  She was expected to die more than a year ago.  She has a brain disease called Krabbe Leukodystrophy." I went on to tell them more about Anaya's life story...I told them about our search for healing, and the lessons that we have learned.  I told them about our new acceptance, about being in the now, living with love, living with joy.  I told them about newborn screening and about how all babies should be tested.  At the end of my talk I explained that we were now going to be in Salem for a while, as our motorhome broke down. There is a link to the service on the Home Center Website where you can listen to it.  We are willing to speak to all types of churches and do not discriminate by religion, race, sex or wealth. This particular center is a New Thought Church.

We had several people come up to us after the service offering a few dollars to put towards the engine repair.  One woman offered to let us stay in her house if we are still here in 2 weeks when she goes on vacation!  It's amazing what God will put in front of you if you follow the path that you are shown!

Monday came and the Glen and Bob, the owners of AJ's Automotive (really amazing men - honest and kind and good-hearted), came to give us the bad news.  The engine is not worth fixing, and the motorhome is not worth a new engine.  They explained that in this type of unit the engine ALWAYS overheats, causing expansion in the aluminum pistons that is faster than that of the steel block.  The pistons fuse to the sidewalls of the engine.  They say that this engine was meant to be in a large pickup truck and they have no idea why Vanguard made such a large motorhome with such a small engine.  They say that if we find another engine, the same thing will happen again - it's just a matter of time.

One of the last things my grandpa asked me just before he died was "Is it overheating?" 
I said "Not that I've noticed". 

"We used to have trouble with that" He said.

I phoned my grandma and told her about the engine trouble with the motorhome.  I shouldn't have.  It made her cry, she felt so bad about it.  I'm sorry grandma, I didn't mean to bother you with it.  Don't worry - everything will work out.  We just have to have faith and love and live in the moment.  God will provide.

After my talk with Glen and Bob we brainstormed about what we could do.  Bob suggested we go look at used  coaches (motorhomes) for sale and see if we could trade in Anguard for parts.  We thought that sounded like a good idea.  Brent went on line and one of the first things he said to me was "Look! This one has a wheelchair lift! and the whole thing is handicap accessible!"
    "Really?" I said.  That would be SO amazing. It would make life with Anaya even more simple. "Why don't we go look at that one." I said.

So we went down to Northwest RV in Salem Oregon knowing that faith would guide us.  We were welcomed by a nice young woman, and shown to the RV by the Sales Manager, Kimberly. It blew us away.  It is absolutely perfect for living with Anaya.  Not only that, it is for sale for HALF of the assessed value due to the economy downturn.  Here are the pictures and a video of Anaya trying out the lift.

This is the outside of the Unit.  It is a Winnebego Voyage with handicap option. 2005

This is the wheel chair lift.

This is Anaya in her special stroller on the lift

Accessible shower (room for a baby bath tub!)

Front of unit

Bedroom (Lots of space to add Anaya's Bed.) Storage is on wall at foot of bed.

There by the grace of God we go.  The motorhome is valued at $112,000.  After hearing our story the dealership is willing to sell it to us for $57,000.  In faith we have put down $2000, subject to mechanical inspection.

The good people here are going to take Anguard in on trade (not yet appraised) and let us live in Anguard here, while we raise the money for Anaya's new Mobile Care Unit.  We have two weeks to raise 55k for Anaya.

I have contacted the Hunters Hope Foundation. We are a registered family with their organization.  They Kelly's son, Hunter, lived with Krabbe Leukodsytrophy - the same disease Anaya has. We are working with them to promote Newborn Screening to save the lives of babies.  They are able to give Charitable Tax Reciepts to those who donate to Hunters Hope in Anaya's name.  Anaya will then be given those funds.  This option is for American donors only.  It's really wonderful because it means that people and businesses that would like to help out can do so while getting a tax break!!!  It's a write off  :)

For the next two weeks we are going to fundraise, network, speak and promote with every ounce of our beings.  We have faith that if we put the effort in, and follow the path that God has shown us we will succeed and Anaya will have a new mobile care unit to continue to spread love and awareness throughout North America!

We NEED your help!  Please help us continue this amazing journey with Anaya!
Spread the word!! Share our story!!
Book us to speak in advance!!

How you can help!:
Needed: volunteers to help organize online auctions of our belongings
Needed: web designer to volunteer to help manage the websites
Needed: people to joing our facebook page.
 Needed: contacts and friends in Salem Oregon
I can be reached at 208-946-5234 or at info@healinganaya.com

We can do this. If you went out for lunch today what would it cost you?  What about a cup of coffee? Please spare whatever you can.

Our little love is a miracle.

If you'd like a tax receipt please donate through HUNTERS HOPE at
When you are on the Hunters Hope donate page there is a spot where you can click to make your donation a memorial or honor.  Please make your donation in honor of Anaya Cassin Potts. If you forget this step they will not know the money is for Anaya.

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