Thursday, September 29, 2011

Home sweet home

Brent is outside, organizing his tool bin.  Buddha lays in the sun and watches while he sets one thing here, and another there.  Dogs must really wonder what the heck us humans do with all this stuff.  Anaya is laying on the couch beside me.  Her little fingers are gripping the edge of the recieving blanket that is tucked under her face to catch her saliva.  She is so beautiful and warm, sleeping peacefully there.  She just let out a little whimper.  She's been "talking" quite a bit in her sleep lately.  When she dreams she lets out little noises.  She's been quite vocal when awake as well.

She did quite a bit of moaning in her sleep last night.  She was uncomfortable. She was having trouble with her secretions and I needed to suction her quite often.  The night was long and restless.  When morning came I had a hard time opening my eyes.  Anaya needed extra special care last night and so I had layed her on my chest, her favorite spot to sleep.  Only now that she is so big it makes my lower back hurt.  I don't do it as often anymore, because of the pain it causes me...but sometimes she just needs it.  We do what we have to do for our children, us mothers of the heart.  Try sleeping with a 20 pound backpack on your chest while laying on your back! LOL.  I even tried elevating my rear with a pillow to see if it would take some of the strain off of my lower back...but it didn't work.
I focused instead on the sweetness of her.  The soft little breaths that became so much clearer, the silky smooth skin of her back.  I drew flowers on her back and fell asleep.

When I got out of bed I almost cried from the tightness of my lower back.  I stretched and took a Tylenol and it abated.  I started brewing coffee and carried Anaya from the bed to the couch.  She was awake and alert and interacted with me while I changed her diaper.  I sang her the "Changing Diapers, Changing Diapers! So much Fun! So much Fun!" Song and I think I saw her soul smile.  I covered her with a warm blanket and went forward to the captains nook to open the curtains and let the day in.

"Anaya, we live in a moving house!  Isn't that cool?"  I exclaim as I open the curtain.  "It's a beautiful day outside.  The sky is blue and I can see birdies flying over in the hedge across the street! If we listen really carefully we might be able to hear them singing!"  I sit down on the couch next to her and we try to hear the birds - but they are too far away.  My toes find little bits of dog food on the I reach behind the seat beside me and grab the Shark.  It's a mini-vacuum.  A dust-buster with attitude.  Thank god we don't have carpet.  I give our floor a quick clean (we only have like 90 sq ft of floor) and sang to Anaya.  I filled the bath tub and carried my nudie-baby down the hall.  I lay her gently in the bottom of the tub and helped her stretch out her legs.  It feels so nice... I can hear her say.  She loves the feeling of water.  The floating, the gentle relief of her joints and muscles.  I wash her in this amazing smelling natural soap that a friend sent us.  It smells like edible candy.  The scent is "Mango, sugar, mint" but it's just plain delicious!  It makes Anaya even more kissable.

I think back to a couple days ago when we first got here.  Settling in has taken a while.  Organizing things, putting stuff in drawers...not to mention the grief that seems to wash over me every time I think of my grandfather...

This is how it went over the past couple days...

After we parked at Natalie and Geoffs house we decided it would be a good idea for us to have a home base to work with while in the Lower Mainland (Vancouver) waiting to get into Canuck Place.  Fortunately Anaya's health insurance covers our accomodation while in the area on medical business, so we moved Anguard to the Burnaby RV park.  It is very clean and beautiful and much cheaper than a hotel would be if we didn't have a place to stay.  It is well cared for and well planned.  There are "Privacy hedges" around each site that are about 8 ft tall cedar hedge. Walking to the main building at the center of the park is like walking through a maze you see on TV of tall, immaculately groomed green hedges.  They are even pruned all square and rectangular.   There is a laundry room in the main building, as well as a small pool that is quite warm.  I was excited when I saw the pool.  I thought "oh that is awesome!  It's perfect for water-therapy excersize for Anaya!" She's been getting over her cold so we haven't taken her in yet.  I don't want to make her worse.  There's time enough in the days to come.

Right next to the park there is a trail that leads to Burnaby lake.  It is beautiful.  The forest is so lush here.  Vines climb the trees and surround them with so many leaves it looks like a second skin on the trunk. Blackberries grow madly everywhere, providing a natural barrier along the path.  We picked a few and even blended some up for Anaya with her mid-day meal.

Tomorrow we have an appointment at Sunnyhill Health Centre for children.  Anaya is being assessed  for her occupational therapy needs and her seat will be adjusted so that it fits her again.  Her stander is too small for her now too!

Oh, my sweet little love has woken up! I best go.

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