Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Her fingernails have gotten long again. I only noticed now, seeing her in someone else's arms. When I'm holding her I see her face, mostly. I sit and rub my nose against hers. She has a petite little nose. It sits cute and perfect above her fat pouty lips.

Oh her beauty astounds me. Her sweet innocence, her wide eyes and golden angel locks. She sleeps beside me while I type this on my phone.

Last week a photographer named Carol came and took pictures. She had contacted me offering a sponsored photo shoot. She came from 8 hours away just for us! She got some really lovely pictures. Anaya looked so cute that I snapped a few too.

The sunflowers were procured by myself. I saw them in a yard on Latimer St and stopped in to tell the owner my idea, and ask if we could have some flowers. She Said yes and away we went!

The past few days has been really interesting and totally hectic. Imagine moving from a three bedroom house into a studio apartment... That's what we are going through. Anguard, Anaya's Mobile Care Unit, is like a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, livingroom, all within 20 ft.

Anaya's oxygen machine is purring quietly in the background. It reminds me that we still have a small pile of stuff to bring in and put away. packing and unpacking. It goes on and on. Thank god for good friends like Nancy Ryde and Christina. Id be a mess if it wasnt for them.

This past weekend we had a yard sale and sold a lot of the things we don't use anymore to raise money for Anaya's care. I tried to sell my pottery kiln but didn't have any takers. After the sale died down we put up free signs and everything else disappeared overnight. It's a good way to recycle stuff. People like it too. It feels good to give back to the community. I gave a lot of Anaya and solara's old clothes away to children who needed them. It felt great. I kept some special items for an online sale too. I think we'll do it in November.

Tomorrow Anaya and I have our first speaking engagement at Selkirk College in Castlegar. I'm hoping that it will be awesome. I will try to have someone film it or tape it so that you can hear too.

I'm headed to bed. Morning comes early lately.

~Another day in paradise, another moment with my little love. Forever embedded in my heart.

Location:View St,Nelson,Canada

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