Sunday, April 17, 2011

Front Page!


  1. Dear Anaya,
    I was in tears last night, when I read your story. I wish I could have the power to help you. I don't, unfortunately. What I can offer you are my prays and my certain that you are a very loved baby.

  2. I never buy the paper but when I read that you and Anaya were going to be featured today I went a bought a copy. I was thrilled to see you and Anaya on the front page! I'm hopeful that this brings more awareness for Anaya.

    I've been following your blog, and Anaya's story, for some time. Solara, Anaya, Brent, and of course you Camara, are always in my thoughts and prayers.

    Sending you love and hugs from the Lower Mainland.


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