Saturday, April 23, 2011

April 23, 2011

We are home again now. It turns out Anaya has a urinary tract infection. Her painful winces might have been when she was urinating. Her breathing is still an issue. The Dr's think that her apneac spells have gotten worse. Sometimes she pauses for quite a long time. She then gets "dusky" or "blue lipped". We have been giving her oxygen and she might need a bi-pap oxygen supply. which is pressurized and would help her get a full breath.

It's late. I just wanted to write that Anaya is alright. She's on antibiotics and is sleeping soundly. I think we are meeting with a respiratory therapist this week, once our Dr. sets it up.


  1. Dear Camara!

    I am following Anaya´s blog for a few days, I´d like to send you my prayers, my love and a big hug from Brazil. I´ve already faced many challenges loving my baby girl with unconditional love, hearing from many doctors it would be better to give up and terminate pregnancy. There was nothing to do but love, and unconditional love made me stronger.

    That´s so good that Anaya is at home again, hope she can feel better about urinary infection and breathing issues, hope you can have new strength every day to love and take care of your precious little girl. She is amazing and very brave.
    With caring,

  2. I want you to know that many of us from Kootenay Christina Fellowship Church continue to pray for all of you, and grandma too! I pray that God gives you strength and wisdom.


  3. The above should read: Kootenay Christian Fellowship Church


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