Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Anaya's 20 Month Birthday!

Today is Anaya's 20 month Birthday! We are so proud of her for being such a strong brave little warrior and making it this far. She has outlived the average age of death of a Krabbe baby by 7 months already!

Today we are hopefully going to get some help from a respiratory therapist. We also plan on making Anaya something special to taste...melted chocolate drop maybe?

Must run! Have a day filled with gratitude and HUG your kids!

This photograph was taken by Theresa of http://www.photographybytheresa.ca/


  1. Hi There,
    Glad to hear that Anaya is 20 months old. Praying and hoping for a miracle for her.She is so young and so pretty hope God will give her a chance at healing.Miracles can happen you just have to believe. Have a nice day.Love, Molly K.

  2. I'm typing with tears of joy in my eyes. Happy 20th Month Birthday Anaya! May you have a marvelous birthday. A chocolate drop sounds like a delightful treat!

    Thank you so much for allowing us to be part of your life & special day. You're an incredible little girl!

    A million hugs & kisses,
    Darrin, Blake & Jacqueline

  3. Happy 20 month birthday Anaya!!!! Hope you have a great day and love the chocolate drop.

    Evey, Aurora, Brandon, Ariel, and Summer

  4. Happy 20 month birthday, sweet, sweet Anaya.

  5. Sweet picture! Just a little doll!

  6. Happy 20 months !! She is beautiful:)

  7. The picture wasn't showing last time....just wanted to say it's beautiful, just like all of the pics she has been in

  8. AWESOME and BEAUTIFUL... Keep going little warrior!!!!

  9. Happy 20th month birthday, ANAYA! You are the bravest and most beautiful little girl I know! Praying you'll get better soon! Much Love, Grandma

  10. So many of us celebrate you every day, sweet Anaya! Today I join in celebrating 20 months of your gorgeous, adorable and precious self being here, touching and inspiring the lives of all of us, near and far. I am one of your countless cheerleaders and today, as everyday, I sent you love, light and positive energy. The world is a better place because of you. Thank you, little one. Stay strong, brave and well.

  11. stay strong anaya! happy 20 months sweet little one. love for you. ~heather

  12. Happy 20 month birthday, Anaya! Your light shines so bright and touches so many. I hope we you can feel our love warming you. <3

  13. Happy Birthday to You Anaya !!! So happy for you. I stop by every day to see how you are doing and happy to see you are making such great progress every day.
    Tears of happiness for you, you are so special in every way. Take care and lots of HUGS and KISSES.
    Keep up the good work little one..... Hugs


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