Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Anaya in her Stander today

Anaya is doing well. Just this past week we finally got to use her Stander at home. It is just what it's name implies. It holds her body in a supported standing position. She really seems to like it and we notice her secretions are not as bad when she's in it.

I hope to write an entry to fill you in on what is going on with us later today.


  1. Anaya is getting prettier by the day!! Congratulations on being able to use the stander finally, I am glad to hear that Anaya enjoyed it. I bet she would love to be standing with the sun shining down on her lovely face, soaking up the sunlight rays. Much love to you guys xox

  2. Agree with Lisa. How cute she is !!!

  3. she looks so grown up! awwww. beautiful little lady! i bet it feels neat to be upright.

  4. She just looks so much more grown up, so pretty, with her hair pulled back like that. Stay strong beautiful girl.

  5. Your baby is so cute and beautiful ! Saw the article in the newspapers. Sending tons of positive thoughts !


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