Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Feb 8, 2011

Anaya has moved to Nelson! It's been a hectic week. We were fortunate to find a house we could move to right away. We've been packing and moving and doing a lot of cleaning the past few days. It's hard work. I keep telling myself this is what is best for Anaya, best for our family. We are so sad to move out of the Procter community. They've been such an incredible support. And the place we were living in was a dream. Sigh. The fridge in the new house is broke down and I can't get a hold of my landlord. Hopefully this isn't the shape of things to come. The dryer is on it's last legs too. We are pretty happy with the new place. It was recently repainted and they are putting new carpet in the living room this week.

We got Anaya's "station" all set up in the living room. She's our hub. Solara picked the western room and she can't wait to unpack her toys.
Brent and I are getting lots of exercise moving everything. Anaya's been going on long walks with the nurse while we unpack.

I will blog again as soon as we get our Internet set up. I'll post some pics.

Love to all!


  1. Best of luck in the new place. Remember to vacuum the carpet really well even if it is natural since especially new carpet gives off tons of fibres which can float around and Anaya can breath them in.

  2. way to go you guys! moving is stressful during the best of times. xo such a good thing to be close to hospital just in case. ~heather


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