Friday, February 18, 2011

Feb 18, 2011

Happy Birthday to Anaya's Daddy, my wonderful partner in life, Brent.

Anaya has had a few good days since recovering from last weeks illness. She might have had "Rosella" Baby measles, but we can't be sure. She is in good shape today. Brent's happy Anaya is having such a good day on his birthday.

We are very fortunate as this week, both our families chipped in some money to help with our moving expenses and with taking Anaya to see a specialist. We have also had more blog donations now we've raised $1100. Thanks to everyone who has helped out. We really appreciate it.

We've sourced out a few furniture items and built Anaya a special change table. It has a padded foam top covered in chocolate brown vinyl. It was fun to build something special just for her.

We found a old white wooden bedframe for Solara. We told her she could paint it whatever color she wanted and she picked this vibrant spring green. It's very bright. It makes her happy.


  1. Glad to hear that Anaya is doing better and happy birthday to Brent. It sounds like you're settling in nicely. I love that Solara picked "vibrant spring green."

    I'm thinking about you often and I hope you're doing well. Hugs to Miss Anaya!

  2. well happy belly button day brent. as much as we all converse/support camara....psss....your a wonderful father too by the sound of things.
    i love how solara got to paint her own bed frame! what a cool project!
    milk-my supply seems to be decreasing as molly gets older/doesn't nurse as much which is sad because i want to keep donating/nursing molly too, she's only 7 mos. my milk stayed till 1 year with my son. i think my poor breasts are slowing dow. anyways we have a spot just for anaya milk in our freezer. i'll keep adding to it and wait to hear from lu about runs between calgary/nelson.
    love for your little anaya.



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