Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May 4, 2010

Brent's mother Marlene is here to visit for the next week. She arrived today just before dinner. It's nice because she's going to fly back to Calgary with Anaya and I when we go to the hospital on the 11th. It will be less intimidating to go together then it would be for me to go with Anaya by myself.

Today Anaya was phlemmy. We had to suction her a few times. Then I remembered to give her the homeopathic remedy that I bought for this purpose. The homeopathic drops of Silicea and Stramonium really seemed to help. Joanne and I also gave her some melatonin before her morning nap, as an experiment to see if it would help her sleep deeply enough for Joanne to hold her, or for me to set her down. The combination worked like a charm. We were able to set her in the stroller and go for a walk without too much of a mucous issue, and she slept for quite a while before awakening. The other day Anaya had a homeopathic consultation with a local lady named Margo, who is going to do some research to find a more specific remedy to help Anaya with her condition.

On our walk we picked ditch growing daffodils to put on the table at dinner. The sunny yellow beauty of daffodils brightens my day. I love their "Honky" looking faces :)

It looks like Brent has to work at Hellman on Sunday the 9th, which means it'll be us girls for our mothers day/ Anaya's going away BBQ. He said he can't get out of it. I feel sad about it but I suppose I'll just have to deal with it. It will be so nice to have friends and family over for Anaya's BBQ. Neighbors and friends are welcome to attend. Drop me a line at my email. maraglow @ gmail.com and I'll give you the address. It will be an afternoon event. I hope it will be sunny and we will hang out in the yard, watch the kids play, eat some food and chat while listening to summery music that will float from the outside speakers. I hope to see you there.

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