Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Baby Baby Mine

Baby, baby mine
who's only here for a time
I've been waiting
for someone like you

needed a teacher
to show me the truth
and I've found her
in the mirror that is you.

Baby, baby mine
you're like the stars that shine
so beautiful,
and so far away

the sun is shining
shining down on you
and baby, baby mine
this love's what's true

And when the night gets cold,
and the darkness is too thick
I will surround you with my love
and bring you light

and when you're on your own
know you are here inside my heart
I will bear you up with love
into the light

baby, baby mine
only here for a time

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  1. Hi Camara, I have been thinking about you and Anaya every day. You come into my thoughts every time I feel as though I need to take a break away from my children or I get upset or angry at them for the silliest thing. I remember what you are going through and I can look at my children and realize how mundane and silly these little incidences are. And there is you, who is loving and grieving with your baby; both at the same time. I say a prayer and offer a blessing to you and your family every day. I wish I could do more to support you. You have been a teacher and an inspiration to me and I hope one day to get to know you more as a friend. I wish I could do more to support you. If you ever want to go for a walk, get a tea, or hold your hand while you laugh or cry, please give me a call. Blessings,


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