Thursday, December 15, 2011

Daddy's Story

Written by Brent for Anaya in the spring of 2011

Cuddle Bug

Oh little cuddle bug
we will cuddle you up
we will cuddle you up
like a little pup
with eskimo kisses on your kissable nose
and tickley kissess on your tickley toes.
With soft little snuggles
when you awake to accompany the smacking sounds
your little lips make.
We will cuddle you up
When you wiggle your feet.
We will kiss you up
as sweet as a treat.
With bubbly kisses for you as you float
splashing in your bath
wtih mews from your throat.
We will cuddle you up
as snug as we could
in a warm soft towel
made of bamboo wood.
Oh little cuddle bug
we will cuddle you so
We love to snuggle you
more than you know, more than we could ever show.
Our last cuddle to share
is the one we love most
followed by goodnight kisses
as we snuggle close.

Good Night Cuddle Bug.


  1. All the love in the world bundled up in a perfect tiny package, rippling out into eternal blessings~

  2. I knew this was going to make me teary before even reading it.
    Hugs to you both

  3. Brent, my heart breaks for you and your whole family! i can not imagine the pain in your heart and soul. Your baby girl is with you always, holding your hand loving you telling you daddy shes ok now and that its ok to hurt but you will be together one day. Know where she is she has no pain only love, and shes waiting for the loving arms of her family to be around her once more. You have so much love coming from so many strangers. I hope you are getting support, as i can only imagine the rock that you need to be for your beautiful family. I hope that someone is able to be your rock too.

  4. Such a sweet poem for such a sweet little girl. Hope you are all enjoying your new home and you will always have the Kootenays as a second home to come to whenever you wish. xo Meeri

  5. Anaya was so beautiful cant belive its already been a month . i hope Angel is doing ok ..God Bless


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