Saturday, July 30, 2011

HUMUH Monastic Sanctuary Buddhist Retreat

Yesterday we were in emergency at the Penticton hospital. I was worried and I wanted them to test Anaya for pneumonia. She does not have pnuemonia. The doc says she has a cold and is possible dealing with disease progression. She seems to think that Anaya doesn't have very much time left. I've heard this before and I don't agree. It's not her time yet.

Brent, Anaya and I need some quiet time and some sacred space. We have been accepted to stay at the HUMUH Sanctuary. There will be quiet, meditation, sacred time and meals provided for us. Solara is going to stay with Sharon and Family nearby and go do fun things at the beach. She's not one for "Quiet Sacred Time" lol. She's very hyper.

You can look at

I will be unable to phone, use email or internet for the next two days. Rest assured we are alright and in the best possible care.

Please send love and light to Anaya, surround her with the green light of healing, Pray for God's intervention...whatever you have faith in.

Please help me by talking to others about the Birthday Party while we are away and would someone please stop by my house and make sure the flowers/tomatoes, seedlings are watered. Thank you with all my heart.

Love, Camara
Love - Anaya
Love- Solara
Love- Brent too!


  1. hey Camara- sorry I have been MIA- just returned from a trip to the Okanagan. Will for sure go water your yard. Am praying for you all, sending you love and positive thoughts across the miles. Anna XX

  2. May the peace and serenity wash over all of you... be at peace and feel your souls...


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