Sunday, May 22, 2011

Time for change

Hello friends,
Anaya and I both slept very well. We are comfortable and have been gently welcomed into Natalie and Geoff's home. Natalie is doing a great job of taking care of us, and organizing people to help me and Anaya. Thank you Natalie - and Thank you to everyone who has helped, or has offered to help in any way.

Today we are hoping to go on an outing to find Solara a birthday present as it is her 9th birthday on May 31. I have a couple of ideas and we'll see how it pans out.

Today I'm also writing with a purpose because I want to fill you in on a major shift that is taking place in our lives.

You may have noticed that I seldom write about Anaya's father, Brent. I also do not write about our relationship, and it's struggles, because I attempt to do my best to focus on the positive. I attempt to use this blog to really express how I'm feeling about Anaya, and to let people know how Anaya is doing.

Brent and I have decided to go our separate ways after a couple years of attempting to reconcile our differences. This happened the day that I brought Anaya down to the hospital to attempt to get some respite and help - as I was throughly exhausted and emotionally drained. We are amiable in our separation, and plan on parenting Anaya together. He is currently moving to his own space. Solara, Anaya and I will live alone in our little rainbow house. Me and my girls :) Brent will be coming to visit and help care for Anaya as his work schedule allows, as often as he wants.

The timing for this separation is intense, however it had to happen and I am glad for it. I do not feel incredible sadness or loss. I feel friendship and love for Brent and I pray that will remain in my life. I have some fear of managing my two girls, my special little loves by myself. But I have confidence that this is for the highest good of all parties and that I CAN DO IT! We will need the support of our friends and family to establish a place of love, safety and security within our home. Help with tasks, etc.

At the moment I can feel a support network of love holding us up, and a security and confidence within myself that says I cannot fail.

With love to you all,


  1. Sweet Camara - know that we will ALL be here to support you throughout everything! Relationships are hard at the best of times. I imagine when you add the stress of a sick child on top of that, differences are more apparent. Remember that we are all here and YOU WILL get through this, and everything you encounter, in one piece! You are an amazingly strong and beautiful woman - you will survive :)

    Much love to all of you through everything!


  2. I'm sorry for this loss, for all of you- however if it brings about a bigger good ( being able to parent and whatnot together in a more peace filled way ) then good for you both in making this difficult decision.
    Being afraid in this circumstance is pretty normal, Id say - but you are amazing, as Im sure Brent is, and I think you will handle it beautifully. You know that even if the least you can get from your "online family" are words of encouragement, then you still have support. The physical things that you need help with, I wish I could help with, but trust that everyone near you that both you and Anaya have impacted are going to be there for you, full force. PLEASE let me know what I can help with regarding Anayas Angels or any other things that you think I might offer support for. I have a hatd time asking for help- something Im trying to get over, as we enter our families first fundraising effort - and Id be honored if you were to reach out to my family, if there is anything we can help with.You are going to be amazing Camara, so while it is a daunting undertaking, please do not worry. You were right in saying you ARE going to be able to do it.
    Much love to you, those two pretty babies and Brent. Good luck and best wishes <3
    Angela LaRoche

  3. Thank You for Sharing this with us. I know how hard It is to share those things in our lives and you doing so gives us a deeper understanding as to how your world really is right now.

  4. My sweet Camara, your response to what must be a difficult decision only shows what a strong and loving person you are. You are blessed to have a heavenly little teacher besides you. All love.

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  6. :'( How hard. I'll be praying for you as you go through this.

  7. Camara, you must know that this only proves that your strength is what gets you through all of this. A very difficult decision to be made by both parties, but a responsible one. Your focus is on Anaya and of course Solara. I am happy to know that even though this had to be a tough decision for you and Brent..that the decision was made with only the best intentions in mind. YOU ARE AN AMAZING PERSON...never forget that!! oxoxx <3

  8. Camara, you are without doubt one of the strongest, most beautiful persons I have had the pleasure of encountering.

    Thank you for sharing such a private and intimate part of your life with us. Seana, you've summed up exactly what I was wanting to express. YOU CAN & WILL do this! We are here to support you, in any way we can.

    We love you, Anaya & Solara very much.

    Darrin, Blake & Jacqueline


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