Sunday, February 13, 2011

Feb 13, 2011

This morning there was a beautiful sunbeam in our kitchen. I had placed Anaya in her mobile-crib unit in the kitchen, and her face was bathed in it's warm glow. She's finally started to feel better after a 4 day fight with some unknown virus. It was very unsettling to see her break out in a rash, have a high fever and even her eyes were bloodshot. We are so glad that she is back to normal.

We've almost completed our move into Nelson. The majority of our stuff is now at the new house and we just have a couple more loads and clean-up duty to attend to at our old place. The man who owns the house we are renting, Tom, is a really swell fellow. He put in new carpet in the living room, and even replaced some outdated appliances that were not working well. He likes to say hi to Anaya every time he comes around the house. He's a grandparent himself.

Monday morning I will be on 103.5 The Bridge Radio station talking about Anaya's need for fresh local milk donations. Anaya is still intolerant to all the formulas that we have tried. We've tried the Dr - suggested hypo-allergenic ones too. All of them make her violently ill. She can't keep them down, she gets horrible stomach cramps and last time she threw up blood. Breastmilk is best for my Krabbe Baby. We recently tried introducing blended banana in the milk and that went ok. We just have to introduce the foods slowly and one at a time. I have the "Home made Blenderized Food for Feeding Tubes" cookbook and I hope to use it more. Right now she still needs 1 L of breastmilk per day. Anyone wishing to donate breastmilk in the Nelson Area please contact me at ( Anyone who would like to help Anaya by contributing financially is welcome to do so by clicking the "Donate Now" button on the side of the blog, or by contacting myself or The Bridge Radio station.

Yesterday when the landlord was laying the new carpet we had to move a bunch of stuff into the kitchen to make room. This is a picture of Anaya having a nap. I could have made myself a cup of tea while sitting in the rocker! Looks like the last tennants stained the back of the stove, but it works.

We are still looking for furniture for our home. We need a few things because our last house was fully furnished and we had to leave the furniture there.

We are looking for :
2 Queen Bedframes (Metal, wood, whatever will get us off the floor!)
1 Twin Bedframe for Solara (Our 8 year old)
Bedside tables
Wooden Chairs for the Pine dining table that Penny and Garth gave us
A wooden Dresser/ Armoir / Shelf unit for Anaya's medical supplies and clothes

If you have any of the above items that you'd like to sell or give away please let me know by phone : Camara 250-509-0593

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