Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jan 20, 2011

I can hear Brent throwing up in the bathroom. Looks like the flu has hit our house. I think I've figured out a way to get food into Anaya. She seems to have excessive gas in her tummy that leads to the vomiting. I have found that if I vent that gas every few minutes during this last feed that I can prevent the vomiting. There hasn't been any blood in her vomit since yesterday morning. I've been on the phone with our doctor several times each day. If need be we will go to the childrens hospital - as there is really nothing they can do for her in nelson. No one there can find her veins. She's keeping this feed down so far, and has kept pedialyte down- so she's hydrated.

I hope I don't get this bug. I need to take care of my sweet pea.


  1. Thank/ God you found how to prevent the vomiting. Big hugs and get better soon all of you. A kiss for the little princess.

  2. Oh my gosh how awful...I'm thinking about you all and I hope you don't get sick and that Anaya and Brent get better soon. Lots of hand washing to help prevent spreading!

  3. get a prescription of Tamiflu and start taking it. I did and it allowed me to take care of my son. Also, with the g-tube, try and vent before the meal! If you find nothing is coming out try this method; remove plunger from 60cc feeding syringe, atttach empty cylinder to the feed tube, pinched closed, attach to g-tube button, open pincher, massage tube close to the button if need be. If there is air it will come out. If there is liquid in her stomach let that come out as well by holding the syringe lower (like syphoning gas) than the g-tube button.


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