Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thursday April 8, 2010

Yesterday Anaya woke up, fastened her big wide hazel eyes on mine and smiled. It was a small smile, the kind where the corners of the lips and eyes turn up. It was the first time she has been able to smile at me in more than a month. My own face lit up in a giant grin and I laughed in delight, tears of joy in my eyes.

I have said before that I will know when Anaya is healing by how often she smiles. Perhaps this is the first of many. Perhaps the qigong and our prayers are helping her. She is certainly drinking in her surroundings with her eyes. She has been moving her hands to her face and even clutching objects. Yesterday I looked down and she was holding the tie to my hoodie in her fat little fingers. She stared at it with an intensity similar to a man watching a hockey game on TV. She gave it a tug and blinked, then looked up at me. Penny saw us and smiled. We own these small victories.

I took a video of yesterdays physio session. Anaya was shaking her foot rattle with vigour. I will try to upload it to the blog today.

Nurse Veronica will be coming here for 6 hours Tuesday to Friday. I hope that Anaya will learn to quiet down for her. I could really use a few hours of baby free time. It will be time to start prepping the garden, to get manure, to weed and trim and rake. Time to organize and spring clean. Time to go riding with Amy for an hour or so. Time to walk my dog. Never enough time is there? Anaya deserves most of it. I do need to get some to myself though.

Well, this beautiful little monkey is telling me she is hungry. I'd best deliver! Ciao.


  1. That is so awesome Camara. Keep up the healing Anaya and blessed the world with that beautiful smile.

    Much love


  2. I loved reading this! Go Anaya!!!!!!!!


  3. That is wonderful! Bless her little heart...and yours too. I hope you can get out on your own a little more Camara. I know your heart and all your time is with Anaya but yes, you DO need to have some time for yourself...and for you and Brent. Loves :o)

  4. Keep on smiling at that baby is the greatest gift of all and has the most amazing and miraculous healing powers known on this planet. And if you EVER need to, call me! Love "MOM" (A.K.A....Becky)


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