Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday March 4, 2010

Forgive me the hasty blog entry. Bit of a rough day. Anaya still weighs 5.9 Kg. That's the same as last week. We really don't want her to have a feeding tube but if this keeps up it may come to that.

On a positive note - There are many locals contributing to Anaya's Fundraiser at the end of the month. Several businesses and individuals have donated items for the auction, and I've had a couple people volunteer to make food or volunteer in some other way.

The highlight of our day was seeing the photos that Alison Watt took of Anaya. So beautiful. I was moved to tears. The photo above this entry is one of them. She's a great photographer. check out her site.

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  1. Beautiful photos Camara.
    You have a wonderful family.
    I hope you have a good breast pump... That can be half the battle with pumping. You are doing a wonderful job in your role as a mother and nourisher to your little Anaya.
    Praying for you to feel the strength, comfort and love of the Lord with you today.
    It sounds like a there will be a great fundraiser for Anaya. Can you please send me your address when you have the chance (through facebook).
    Thanks for keeping up the posts on the blog.
    Blessings. Natalie


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