Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday feb 20

Anaya seems to be responding well to the homeopathic treatment. She is less irritable today and appears to be breathing easier. She doesn't seem to mind the strange concoction I've been feeding her. It looks like kermit puke.

Our roommate Tom is organizing local fundraisers both in Procter and Nelson to help pay for treatments and living expenses. We are really excited to hear that lots of local talented musicians have offered to entertain at the fundraisers. I'm not sure what the dates are yet.

Yesterday we bought a parasite zapper from SK electronics. The zapper is used to kill parasites within the human body such as worms, flukes, bacteria, viruses, and mold spores with a low voltage high frequency electric current. This method of treatment has been extensively studied by Dr. Hulda Clark. She found in her research that the toxins released by parasites within the human body can be responsible for many diseases. She also found that these parasites can be killed using the zapper without any negative effect on the body. By combining this parasite cleanse with other treatments and environmental purity perhaps we can eliminate the cause of the disease. For more information on the zapper check out . You can also download the e-book " The Cure For All Diseases" for free from that site.

Once we test the zapper on ourselves we are going to treat Anaya with it starting with 30 second intervals.

The zapper cost us $174.00 and was built in Nelson following the schematics of Dr. Hulda Clark.

We are feeling very optimistic today and are determined to do everything we can to make Anaya better.

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  1. *tears*
    my daughter seems the same age in this picture.
    i pray for your strength! i feel i wouldn't be as strong as you!
    you're amazing!


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