Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Feb 21 2010

Today Anaya started her Oxygen at home. She wears a little nasal prong on a long tube so that we can move around ok. The system is pretty easy to use and includes an oxygen making machine for continuous use and also tanks for going out. We are fortunate that this part is covered by MSP. Anaya slept very well last night. Today she seems to have a bit of a frog in her throat which has exasperated her breathing difficulties. There's nothing worse than watching a child struggle to breathe. Her vocal cords are tightening as she inhales- which makes a loud gasping sound and impairs deep breathing. The respiratory therapist assured me that although this is uncomfortable and hard to watch it will not kill her. I pray that this will heal.

It was a beautiful day outside and we took Anaya and her sister on a walk in the sun. The fresh mountain air was cool and the sunshine warm on our skin.

Due to Anaya's difficulties today i did not give her the kermit smoothie as it is a bit chalky and hard to suck out of the bottle. Instead i gave her the DHA orally by itself, the vitamin C mixed in with pedialyte. She has been getting all of her homeopathic drops though.

We would like to thank our friends Allan and Elisha who have been a phenominal support in our quest for organic herbal remedies. Anaya and our family are very grateful.

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